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#1250 Aero Ink Reactivator



  • 8 oz Bottle of Aero #1250 Quick Dry Ink Reactivator
  • Ink Reactivator Loosens Ink in a Stamp Pad and Softens Fiber
  • Comes with a Nozzel for Easy Pouring
  • Please Note: This Product Can Only Ship UPS Ground or USPS First Class Mail
8 oz Bottle Ink Reactivator. When Aero ink is left on stamp pad and evaporates stamp pad can harden & not accept new ink. Reactivator loosens ink in stamp pad & softens fiber to allow stamp pad to be refilled. Can also clean rubber stamps with ink clumps
*Please note Quart and Gallon are special order sizes and require extra days for fulfillment.
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    8 ounces$29.95